Used Screen Printing Equipment

Used Screen Printing Equipment is equipment that has already been used and is pre owned, this means that is as normally a fraction of the price in comparison if the equipment had been bought from brand new. This therefore makes the equipment and machinery more affordable, and is being purchase by many companies in the printing industry. Screen-printing is a printing technique that is based on stencilling and is originally used for the commercial work, however it is popular with artists for the creative printmaking since the 1960s. The technique that is used for screen printing is a fine mesh screen that is stretched tightly over a wooden frame and it is then placed above a sheet of paper and colour is forced through the mesh with a rubber blade this is known as a squeegee. The screen that is used is normally made out of silk, hence the term silkscreen printing, this is most commonly used in the USA, however the screen can also be made out of cotton, nylon or metal, this is because it is more useful and easy to use. There are a number of different ways to use the machinery and equipment to apply to design on to the screen. The most basic and earliest way to complete this process is to attach a cut out stencil with the design on it. A more modern method is to paint the design directly on the screen with glue or varnish like substance that blocks the holes in the mesh, the blocked out areas therefore form the negative part of the design, these work as the colour is squeezed through the untouched parts of the screen.

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