Commercial Printers

Commercial Printers are now used throughout the printing industry and is a process of taking the art work and transferring the work and designs that had been created on to a piece of paper or card stock. Many companies that use these machines use a form of offset printing to transfer four sets of colours, being cyan, magenta, yellow and black, these are also known as CMYK. The process that these printers carry out is a simple process that has not altered a lot in over 100 years. It is an aluminium plate that is created from the artwork, this represents one colour out of the CMYK process. This plate is then wrapped around the plate cylinder that allows ink to fill up to the cut out shape of the aluminium plate. Ink is then poured into the cut out and is transferred to the blanket cylinder. The blanket cylinder is what is used to allow the paper to roll within to retrieve the right level of the ink. The final part of this process is the impression that the cylinder is the rollers that is used to push paper along at 10,000 sheets per hour it is completed at this speed to absorb the right levels of ink. The machine is made up of four presses, each with its own individual colour. The paper then moves along the press, retrieving one colour at a time and finally ends up in an area of inferred heat to dry the paper for the printing on the backside. Once dried the whole process is complete.

At Adamtech Limited we are machine specialist in this printing industry, and have over 10 years of experience in this field of business, we are experts in the operation, maintenance and support of DEK printing and associated equipment. Because of this we can offer an unparalleled level of support to the end user, making it an alternative to OEM support. We work closer with all of our customers to ensue that they are 100% happy with the service that they receive.

At Adamtech we offer a range of Commercial Printers we have something that will suit every businesses needs and requirements. For further information call us on 01785 286660, alternatively contact us via email on We aim to respond to all of our emails as quickly as possible. We are situated in Staffordshire.

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